Fraudsters pretending to be HM Revenue and Customs

The first scam is an old one but is still ongoing – you receive an e-mail advising you that you are entitled to a tax refund.

A fairly new one is HMRC advising you that you are entitled to a vat refund.

Another new one is HMRC advising you that your self assessment second payment on account is due for payment by 31 July, just gone. HMRC never contact taxpayers by e-mail.

There is also a woman cold calling on elderly people and saying that they owe tax, when they don’t, and requesting payment of thousands of pounds. Please tell your elderly family.

One I received in the post was requesting that I complete this form, asking for my vat number to be entered in the UK corporate portal.

The contract is for three years and the fees for completing and submitting this form are £797 per year, a whopping £2 391 and if you don’t opt out 3 months before the three year period is up, you are tied in for another year!

I had a call from a person yesterday claiming to be from the police. Obviously I was concerned that either my dogs had got out or that there was something wrong with my husband, so I took the call. He asked me if I wanted to take out an advert in a police community magazine. This is a scam and was reported in the Evening Mail and confirmed by the Chief Inspector.

I let him talk for a few minutes and then told him I knew it was a scam and he said that the magazine had been in circulation for fifty years. He was very plausible!

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